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Prayer Diary – October/November 2018


This prayer diary is produced to encourage us, as a congregation, to join together in daily prayer. Please contact the editor, the minister or the church office if you wish to have any topics included.  The Worship Group would appreciate any offers of help to compile the prayer diary.




Give thanks for the members our Kirk Session as they continue to enhance the work of the church here in Pitlochry, particularly the office bearers, those leading groups and the support staff.

Remember those who use their many and varied talents to assist in worship services and for the benefit of the community.

Pray especially for Mary, our minister, as she returns to lead us in worship.




Give thanks for those who work on the land to bring in the harvest.

Remember all who provide our food, in agriculture, fishing, processing, wholesaling and retailing.

Pray that they are treated fairly, act honestly and work together to sustain the natural resource of our earth.




Give thanks that we all have enough to eat.

Remember those for whom providing a meal for their family is a daily struggle, particularly those in our own community who cannot afford nourishing food for their children.

Pray that those who work for Christian Aid may enable communities to find innovative solutions to keep families from hunger, especially in countries where war, natural disaster and climate change make providing food difficult.




Give thanks for those working in local and national governments as they strive to find solutions to the challenges faced by many communities throughout the land.

Remember those for whom poverty, health issues, family crises and addiction problems make just surviving a daily struggle.

Pray that all may experience the power of a loving God and the love and support of those around them.





Give thanks that we live in a country where tolerance and the rule of law means we can live together in peace and harmony.

Remember all who suffer discrimination and bullying because of race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Pray that we may all see our neighbours as God sees them and that we accept different views and different lifestyles as part of God’s creation.




Give thanks for all who provide care in our community, both professionals and volunteers.

Remember those who need care in times of critical illness, both physical and mental, those who care for the frail, the elderly and the infirm and those who have the care and nurturing of children and young people

Pray for all those working in education, health and social care and for all those in need of such services.




Give thanks that we live in a community with so many and varied cultural activities, particularly The Enchanted Forest and the Festival Theatre.

Remember those whose skill and dedication provide entertainments for us all to enjoy.

Pray for those who work hard to ensure that the many visitors to the area receive a warm welcome and good service.

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