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Prayer Diary – February/March


This prayer diary is produced to encourage us, as a congregation, to join together in daily prayer. Please contact the editor, the minister or the church office if you wish to have any topics included. The Worship Group would also like to hear from any member of the congregation who would consider being part of the team who compile this prayer diary.



Pray on the Lord’s Day, for those in this community who, through their life example, share the knowledge of a loving God with those around them.  Pray for our minister, Mary, and for those who have taken services in her absence.  Pray for those who lead and administer the work of this Church; those whose thought and effort keep the buildings in good shape, the finances under control and the various organisations and groups informed and well run.


We thank you, loving God, for all who give of their time and talent to serve you in this place, especially those who worship here on a Sunday and those who share our services in other ways.



Pray for those who are elected to serve local communities and national governments.  Pray that they may respect the views of others and have the humility to change their minds. At this time of uncertainty, pray that all who are involved in making decisions, which will affect the lives of future generations, come to a consensus for the benefit of the diverse communities and constituencies in our nation.  Pray for all members of Parliament, both at Westminster and Holyrood, that, notwithstanding political views and party loyalties, they can come to an agreement where we can move forward and regain a stable place in the world. 


We thank you, all-powerful God, that our leaders may be directed by wise counsel and by your empowering love.



Pray for all who use the resources of our planet, from the smallest home to global corporations and national governments.  Pray for changes in attitude and for scientific advances which will reduce waste and stabilise climate change for the benefit of all living beings.  Pray that the desire for financial gain may be tempered by the need for care for our environment.


We thank you, all seeing God, for the wonders of our world and the beauty of your creation.


Pray for all who, in the cold days of winter, have no shelter, no food and no warm clothing.  Pray for those who have been forced to leave their homes because of conflict or natural disaster.  Pray for the agencies who work with the destitute and the homeless, that they may receive the resources they need to help relieve those experiencing war, family breakdown, mental or physical health problems, or alcohol or drug dependence. 


We thank you, compassionate God, that we, through CATH and CAP are able to help those who have fallen on hard times by providing financial donations or practical aid.



Pray for all who work in the caring professions; doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, pharmacists and home carers.  Pray for those needing care; the sick, the frail, the elderly, the disabled and the marginalised.  Pray for those who have children and young adults in their care, especially the staff at Pitlochry School during this time of uncertainty.


We thank you, caring God, for all who use their skill and dedication to improve and enhance the lives of others.



Pray for those who work internationally in the fight against poverty, disease, injustice and inequality, especially for those working in the Church’s World Mission projects.  Pray for those in Zimbabwe and Venezuela during this period of unrest.  Pray for those living in the aftermath of civil war in Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine.


We thank you, God of justice and peace, for all who toil in your name to bring peace, health and stability to those in need.



Pray for all the Churches in this community as they come together to share the good news of Jesus’ ministry and sacrifice during the period of Lent and the celebrations of his resurrection at Easter.


Almighty God, we thank you for the supreme gift of your son, Jesus, and we pray that, in our own small way, we may live by his example and share your love with those around us.

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