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to the Order of Reader” was held in Bendochy Parish Church on Tuesday, 24 April, for Rosemary Patterson. Many of you may remember that for six months in 2016 Rosemary was attached to our church as a ‘Reader in Training’.  Her training now completed and her course work successfully at an end, the next stage for Rosemary was entry to the Readership.  On the evening itself, Rosemary was presented with a certificate and congratulated on all the work she had accomplished that brought her to this point.  The Revd. Peggy Ewart-Roberts, Moderator of the Presbytery of Dunkeld & Meigle preached the sermon, performed the admission and gave the charges (that is, she spoke of what Rosemary’s role would be, what was expected of her, and also what she should expect of herself).   At the end of the service, refreshments were served, giving everyone the opportunity to chat, and to personally congratulate Rosemary.


So what is a Reader? … A Reader is a member of the Kirk whose duties are principally concerned with the ministry of the Word and the conduct of public worship. Readers can be attached to the ministry team of a parish, and they can also be attached to a group of linked parishes, preaching regularly in one or more congregations, and sharing in pastoral work associated with worship. Readers can be used as chaplains in homes for the aged, or assisting in hospitals or schools, and can conduct funerals and share in providing pastoral care for the family. They also carry out their traditional role of providing pulpit supply when ministers are absent or on holiday.

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