Minister's Letter

    April/May 2018 


The Lord, be with you.


Acts 3:15  “You killed the author of life,

but God raised him from the dead.

We are witnesses of this.”


Over these few past days, have you noticed the promises of spring in the garden or on the grass verges at the side of the road?  I’m sure that you have, they are such a glad and welcome sight.  I love to see the snowdrops, the primulas, the crocuses (croci) and the daffodils break through the cold hard earth.   And after the very cold, snowy, wet and windy winter months it was lovely to see the sun today (20th March) and feel the slight increase of heat from its rays.  The nights are “fair stretchin’”, as they say, which leads to increasingly more light and less darkness.


Signs of new life are exceptionally important to all of us.  Whether it be the birth of a child (we became grandparents in January);  or recovery from illness;  or the simple joy of a new friendship. 

New life is at the heart of the Easter message. 


When  everything  looked  like it had come to an end and the disciples  had gone back  to  the one thing they felt they could still  do  – fishing,  Jesus comes to the seashore  and brings new life through his resurrection. 

When the two on the road to Emmaus thought all their hopes and dreams had ended as Jesus died on the cross, he comes to them and brings new life through the breaking of the bread. 


When Jesus invites a disbelieving Thomas, who was struggling with his faith because he wanted irrefutable proof, to come and touch his wounds, he brings new life and a new beginning.

The disciples’ experiences of the risen Christ transformed their lives.   They came out from their hiding places and started to tell others about Jesus as the light penetrated their darkness.  Their sorrow and hopelessness were turned into joy and confidence – new life indeed. 


My prayer for all this year is for a Hope-filled Easter.   And may God help each of us to hear the message of Easter so that in faith we can respond to the words – “Christ is Risen!”  with the words – “He is Risen indeed!  Alleluia!”


Your minister …


Mary Haddow.


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