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Minister’s Letter   March 2015a


The Lord be with you.  

Whenever I visit the school I like to tell stories.  Sometimes it’sabout someone famous.  Sometimes it’s about someone not so famous.  When I speak about the parables of Jesus, I tell them that these are probably the best known stories ever told.  I then go on to explain how when Jesus chose his subjects, they were what the people of his day would consider, the most ordinary everyday events – a lost sheep, a long lost son returning home, a man attacked by robbers.   And I explain how every story says something about God, if only people have “ears to hear”.

On the internet, there is a site in which readers post “urban myths” and discuss whether or not they are true of false.   Below are some of the myths that have been discussed on the internet and the conclusions that have been drawn about them.   What do you think?   Are they true or false?

•The bubbles in bubble-wrap contain toxic gas.   (False).

•You can send a coconut through the mail without wrapping it.   (True).

•If the entire population of China jumped up and down at the same time, the earth’s orbit would be disturbed.   (False).

 •A woman adopted a stray dog in Tijuana, Mexico and later discovered it was a sewer rat.   (False).

•Some Oregon highway workers blew up a dead whale and showered the town with whale blubber.   (True).

•Koalas are always drunk from ingesting the alcohol in eucalyptus leaves.   (False).

•You can tell if a big operation is under way at the White House by the level of pizza orders that come from there.   (False).

In today’s world it’s hard sometimes to determine the true from the false.   Some things sound true, but they are only myths.   Other things seem hard to believe, but they are absolutely true.

Myths come and go.   But the truth endures forever.   That’s one of the reasons the Word of God has survived for thousands of years.   No other document has stood the test of time like the Bible.   Generation after generation has found that God’s Word is true.   It can be trusted.

Until the next time - The Lord, bless you and keep you.

Your minister

Mary Haddow.







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